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Fuel for Life - New album out now!

Finnish old school heavy rockers Sixgun Renegades release their ass kicking third album 'Fuel For Life' today. The darkness of the global virus pandemic and the lock downs gave birth to this very personal, brave and strong album. 'Fuel For Life' is dedicated to everyone that didn't give up but fought for the appreciation of culture. Listen to the album on music services.

Sixgun Renegades, Hard Rockers hailing from Espoo, Finland are making a comeback! After two strong albums before the pandemic, the band is now releasing their third album in August 2023. SGR combines elements from Hard Rock and old school Heavy Metal without looking too much in the rearview mirror. You can hear the influences from Van Halen, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy, but it’s the band’s own sound that thrives. Strong riffs, blistering guitar solos, amazing vocals and melody hooks bring you to the journey you have been waiting for. It's time to hit the pedal to the metal and enjoy the ride! "Fuel for Life is the strongest and most complete album of our career so far, both in terms of songs and production. It was very clear from the beginning, that this time we want a slightly different, rawer sound compared to the music you can hear on the mainstream radio and playlists. Due to the virus pandemic, the suddenly increased free time was used in the training, writing songs together and arranging them so that they work in the best possible way also live. We can state with great confidence that the joy and magic of playing together can be heard when listening to the album's songs, down to every note. The lyrics of the songs deal with topics about our society’s big problems, the horrors of war, peace and love, and the ups and downs of life." -Niko Räty


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